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This is the ideal place for your relaxation, beauty and health. At BelCorpo MedSpa all your spa needs are met and even more with our health and beauty treatments. Every treatment we offer is a unique experience; it’s a full package where you receive more than just a small relief for the duration of the treatment, you receive long lasting results which will improve your life. With us you don’t have to worry about doctors and procedures because with us you are in the best, most professional and experienced hands in an ambiance of relaxation and wellness.We provide the perfect treatments for anyone looking to feel better about themselves, have a more attractive look and define their body. There’s no need to have dangerous procedures and go under the knife to achieve the results you crave, we offer you the best results in the safest way and without any pain.

Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage Treatments

BelCorpo Med Spa is your post-surgical lymphatic massage specialists. Our lymphatic massage treatments encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body. You may have a build up of fluids from your surgery. Our gentle treatments- including massage, radio frequency, laser light therapy will help remove waste and toxins from your lymphatic system and promote the process of healing from your surgery.

Lymphatic Facial Massage is a lifting, toning, firming treatment for the face. It softens lines, clear the puffiness under eyes and gives your face a smooth, glowing look. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the primary technique used in this treatment that deeply relaxes the Nervous System and detoxes the Lymphatic System.



Help for Wrinkles, Acne Scars and Skin Tightening


Rejuvapen Microneedling – also known as Fractional Collage Induction Therapy. This remarkable treatment is non-laser and non-surgical. It causes your skin to stimulate collagen production and create new tissue. Results include tightening skin, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines and scarring, diminishing hyperpigmentation, reducing pore size and increasing the health and circulation of skin.

Post Surgery Lymphatic Massage
Lose Inches with Cavitation Treatments
Rejuvapen Microneedling for your skin
Massage Therapy and Spa Wraps and Facial Masks

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Reduce Cellulite and Inches! Smooth Skin!

Check out our MIC/VAB/Sermorelin Program! Energy! Fat Loss! Lean Muscle! Anti-Aging! Increase Immunity! Lower Inflammation! Increase Sex Drive! 10 Week Program with Proven Results! CALL US NOW AT 704-236-6460 for more information. FREE Consultation – We are booking fast!


Body contouring has reached great popularity in the recent years due to the fact that it’s the safest way to achieve the best results, it can literally alter the shape of different areas of your body such as the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs so you look slimmer and more defined. It also helps people who have already lost a lot of weight in the sense that our Ultimate Body Contour can completely eliminate and reduce excess skin and fat. Don’t be scared to show yourself off in a bikini after this because one of the best results body contouring offers is that it diminishes the appearance of cellulite!


Medical Weight Loss Now Available!!

Lose Inches with our Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments. We have a 10 week program with proven results. Our Ultrasonic Cavitation customers have seen results which we believe are due to the quantity of fat cells being destroyed and therefore reduced, and the body’s fat cell metabolism is improved. Destroying these fat cells can remove the body’s environment for fat storage.

Call us today at 704-236-6460 for more information and a FREE CONSULTATION.


What They Say

“I have been coming here for 5 years, and every time the experience is beyond my expectations.i went down 2 sizes,I lost inches in my waist my abdomen, and I have facial,and radiofrequency treatments to maintain a youthful look,I am so happy I found this place,I highly recommended it!!!” -Yaneth G
“Wonderful service” -Ashleigh C
“Knowledgeable and experienced staff. Great atmosphere from start to finish. Will visit again for sure!” -Jennifer T
“Obsessed. Loved the ambience and energy. That is so important to me when I go somewhere that offers these types of services. I left feeling like a brand new woman.” -Stephanie R
For the price that I paid it was the “DEAL” My wife and I were extremely happy for the service and the kindness of the staff . It was a very clean new location, brand new equipment and a delicious strawberries and chocolates. Highly recommended !!” -David M
“I booked lipo cavitation for cellulite thru Groupon. Made my appt for that day thru the website with Katia! She took me immediately and then suggested I do a more assertive treatment for my problem! She’s very informative and I have had 4 sessions of the nine I bought with her And I’m seeing results!! The place is small but she gets the job done and well I might add! I’m also an esthetican and have high standards!!” -Suzanne C

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