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This is the ideal place for your relaxation, beauty and health. At BelCorpo MedSpa all your spa needs are met and even more with our health and beauty treatments. Every treatment we offer is a unique experience; it’s a full package where you receive more than just a small relief for the duration of the treatment, you receive long lasting results which will improve your life. With us you don’t have to worry about doctors and procedures because with us you are in the best, most professional and experienced hands in an ambiance of relaxation and wellness.We provide the perfect treatments for anyone looking to feel better about themselves, have a more attractive look and define their body. There’s no need to have dangerous procedures and go under the knife to achieve the results you crave, we offer you the best results in the safest way and without any pain.

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The soothing massage strokes deployed at BelCorpo MedSpa have a purpose beyond relaxation. Massage therapists rely on methods such as Lipossage and lymphatic-drainage massage to promote the body’s purge of unwanted fat cells. They partner these tailored services with more traditional massage styles—Swedish, deep tissue, laying in a ball pit during an earthquake—as well as body wraps, facials, and waxing. Click here


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Body contouring has reached great popularity in the recent years due to the fact that it’s the safest way to achieve the best results, it can literally alter the shape of different areas of your body such as the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs so you look slimmer and more defined. It also helps people who have already lost a lot of weight in the sense that our Ultimate Body Contour can completely eliminate and reduce excess skin and fat. Don’t be scared to show yourself off in a bikini after this because one of the best results body contouring offers is that it diminishes the appearance of cellulite!

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