Losing weight is top of mind for many people

Medical weight loss makes Charlotte, NC residents think about invasive procedures, like bariatric surgery. While losing weight is often at the top of people’s mind, both in Charlotte and across the globe, it’s not an easy task. Many Americans turn to fad diets to lose weight, whether you need to sped a lot of it or just a few pounds.

For those who are looking to tone up, or tighten up problem areas, medical weight loss options probably aren’t for you. But, at Belcorpo Med Spa, we can help you target those stubborn areas, where fat just won’t go away.

Ultrasonic cavitation helps break down stubborn fat cells

At Belcorpo Med Spa, we use ultrasonic cavitation to target these problem areas and break down fat cells. Here’s how it works.

Ultrasonic means sounds waves. We use these sound waves to put pressure on fat cells. These fat cells can’t stand up to that much pressure and eventually break down and leave the body. This helps tighten those problem areas that no amount of dieting seems to help.

Ultrasonic cavitation isn’t for everyone

Though this treatment offers many benefits for many people, it isn’t for everyone. Those who are needing medical weight loss assistance because they are needing to lose large amounts of weight shouldn’t rely on ultrasonic cavitation. If you are pregnant, you also should not have the procedure.

Ultrasonic cavitation is an option for those who need help losing those last few inches, not for those needing to lose large amounts of weight.

You may need multiple treatments

Like medical weight loss, which requires multiple doctor visits, ultrasonic cavitation may require multiple treatments as well. It may take a few treatments to fully see results. If you have a couple areas in which you need assistance, you may need a few treatments per area.

Downtime is minimal

Unlike medical weight loss surgeries which require weeks of recovery, ultrasonic cavitation doesn’t. Since this is noninvasive, people can return to work and other activities after treatment. It is common, however, to experience some irritation where the treatment was done, so keep that in mind when scheduling your treatment.

Medical weight loss isn’t for everyone in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC residents often are looking for ways to shed pounds. Medical weight loss is often recommended for those needing to lose a lot of weight. But, what about those who need help with just a few pounds? Contact Belcorpo Med Spa to learn more about how we can help you blast away stubborn fat cells.